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A childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

Set designer // Head of Layout

2020 - Feature Film directed by Rémi Chayé

In 2017, Rémi Chayé, the director, asked me to Set design his next movie. I am very grateful for his trust since I had never done this job on a movie before and it was a lot of pressure.

I worked very closely with Rémi and the story artists team during 3 months.  I drew a lot of line and grey scale sketches at this moment to share ideas with them, exploring the locations and the framing possibilities. To make sure the world would be believable, I did some extended historical, geographical and meteorological researches.

Later I supervised the background layouts of the movie which were all done in grey scale to lock the composition, the final shapes and the lighting of each shot.  We used the same layout technic Rémi created for his previous movie Longway North. Because the covered wagons were animated in 3D, I also created a few 3D layouts in maya to make sure the 3D animation matched with the space of hand drawn backgrounds.

The layout artists were all super talented, Louise Flatz, Thomas Reteuna, Simon Dumonceau, Justine Thibault, Aymeric Seydoux, Tiphaine Schroeder, Jerôme Perrillat-Collomb, Denis Do & Mailys Vallade!

I felt very lucky to collaborate with such a dedicated team!

Below are samples of my work and the trailer of the movie:

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